The Moss Piglets have a unique high energy modern take on oldtime/bluegrass, along with hints of blues, rock, country, and reggae, featuring creative original music and tasty cover tunes.  The band typically uses the retro style single mic technique with purely acoustic instruments. This arrangement provides an honest sound and dynamic stage show, from house party to stadium.

The band features vocal leads and group harmonies, banjos, mandolins, melodica, hurdy gurdy, saw, acoustic and resonator guitars, standup bass, washtub bass, uke bass, recorder, harmonica, guitalele, turkey baster and Siberian husky.

We have recorded three CDs, and are currently working on our fourth.  Hard copy CDs and MP3 tracks are available for purchase at the CDBaby link near the top of this page.

The Piglets are working on another recording! 

The Moss Piglets have really turned into 'moles in the ground' this winter.   We are holed up deep underground recording 14 songs for our next CD.  We are working with Ric Lee (of Roe Family fame) at Arcata studios, in NE Minneapolis.  Base tracks have been done on most of the songs, and we are now in the thick of recording vocals and various fun overdub work at this time.  Look for the final product to be done by this summer or next fall.